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Tips for growing and maintaining your facial hair

1) Look after yourself – looking after your body by having a good diet will give your body the nutrients it needs to grow healthy facial hair

2) Be patient when it comes to beard growing, it takes time! Give your facial hair a good few weeks of growth before you think about shaving

3) Beard itching? Keep your skin in top condition and moisturise every day using moisturiser and beard oil, we recommend the “Mr Muk ‘ Beard oil, which contains a blend of Moroccan argon oil, linseed oil, sweet almond oil and aloe Vera.

4). Give it a wash! Wash your beard around 2-3 times a week. Washing it every day can lead to dry and brittle beard hair. We recommend the “Mr Muk’ hair, beard and body wash, then follow with moisturiser and beard oil.

5) Keep it trimmed- when growing a beard, keep it neat and tidy. During the first 4 weeks of growth don’t trim the actual bear but trim the outlines. No need to look scruffy whilst growing it out. Don’t fancy doing it yourself …book in for a beard trim with the Nu:Era team.

All beard products are available to purchase at Nu:Era

Nu:Era is an authorised stockist of Mr Muk

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